“Gateway to the World”

This historical waterside Metropolis is famous for more than its name. Going back centuries Hamburg has been a cultural hub of business and travel, earning its nick-name “The Gateway to the World”. Today the city marries it history with a rich cultural fauna where everyone from high-class businessmen to anarchist punks are welcome.


“The Most Sinful Mile”

The Reeperbahn Avenue offers a party like no other. Here you get to see the dirtier side of Hamburg where bars, clubs, restaurants and strip clubs of various repute line the street, making it feel like one big party where everyone’s invited.

Ay, ay Captin!

Test your sea legs by setting out from Hamburg’s beautiful harbour area. Learn the ropes and work together to get your sailboat out to the open sea. The sea spray and wind in your hair are sure to cure any hangover!

Rock’n’roll Breakfast

You don’t have to end your night when the sun comes up. Continue the party at Hamburg’s Fischauktionshalle where breakfast is served from 5:30 on Sunday mornings.

“I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg” – John Lennon

Not everyone knows that the Beatles had their start in Hamburg. Figure out if you’re a Paul or a John by singing your way through venues steeped in Beatles history.

Retro Roadview

Try a retro (and truly German) way to see Hamburg in a VW Kombi bus. A Hamburg local will take you on a personalized tour of this beautiful harbour city giving you insight into both it’s history and current culture.

Hooligan for a Day

Like in so many European cities football isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. Hamburg is divided between St.Pauli and Hamburger S.V. and when the two go at it the city is divided. Pick a side and cheer along!