Everybody’s talking about Berlin right now!

No wonder! It has everything you would expect from a capital city, only more extreme, crazier and cheaper than any of its rivals.

Übervent have some great ways for you to get caught up in the madness!

Urban Underground

Why go to the club when the club can come to you? We’ll recreate a genuine Berlin night out, including gourmet street food and renowned techno DJ’s in an authentic urban location. You’ll have your very own nightclub to eat, drink and dance your troubles away!

Deep Down in the DDR

Travel through former East Berlin and experience the imposing architecture and lingering history with a local guide who’ll give you a real insight into daily life under a Communist regime. Includes a trip to old Hohenschönhausen Stasi prison that in 1994 was changed into a museum by the political prisoners that used to occupy it.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Berlin influenced David Bowie and Iggy Pop to produce some of their best work, now it’s time for you to get inspired! Get in touch with your inner rockstar and learn  to DJ and Beatbox with local Berlin experts. Later you’ll use your new-found skills to perform for your group and locals alike!

Start Me Up!

Berlin’s quickly becoming Europe’s Start-Up capital. We’ll take you backstage to meet innovative companies and to see their alternative and fresh approach to business in action. We’ll pair you up with the right companies to give you plenty of inspiration and make sure you’ll go back home with loads of new ideas.

Make Your Mark

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spray or “tag” your favorite logo somewhere? Now you have a chance to do just that! Learn the tricks of the trade from real Berlin Graffiti-artists, get inspired by this urban city and unleash your inner creativity.

Not the right dates?

Berlin’s in for a fantastic music year with acts like Justin Bieber, Muse, Rod Stewart, Rihanna, The Cure and many others playing huge stadium gigs. Let us plan your rock’n’roll city trip!