BERLIN Everybody’s talking about Berlin right now! No wonder, it has everything you would expect from a capital city, only more extreme, crazier and cheaper than any of its rivals. Having lived through 2 dictatorships and periods of wild parties, Berlin is [...]



FRANKFURT Frankfurt is where modern meets traditional. An international hub for commerce and the most important financial centre on the European continent. The surroundings offer beautiful hilly landscapes flavoured by the mighty Main River. If quality wine and food is your thing, then [...]



MUNICH Munich is how many people actually see Germany; Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, 1 Litre Beer, on every kerb a BMW, not forgetting FC Bayern. And yes, Munich is just like that! Many cities would cut off their right arm to have this much personality. [...]



COLOGNE Cologne is all about the atmosphere which is created by the warm and welcoming people. It is said to be Germany’s cosies city, Gemütlichkeit pure! The city has a lot to offer, they host many sporting events and is beautifully located right [...]



MALTA We are excited to present you Malta with our Partner QT Event Studio Malta is a fusion of cultures, languages and architecture located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This makes Malta the perfect destination for corporate & incentives all year [...]



HAMBURG Hamburg does not get the respect it deserves, although for many, it is the greatest city in Germany. On one hand, Hamburg is pure class with well-dressed people, stately homes and beautiful shopping promenades. On the other hand, its big harbour and [...]



BERCHTESGADEN Berchtesgaden makes for a perfect year-round getaway. Nestled away in the German Alps, its charming towns and spectacular landscapes are guaranteed to impress at any season. Offering a wide range of activities, we promise something of interest for history enthusiast’s and adrenaline [...]



COPENHAGEN Come feel the free flow of the Danes, in this laid-back capital surrounded by water and sustainable urban landscapes. Copenhagen is at the forefront when it comes to culinary innovation, environment and design. Yet the Danes love their queen who keeps the [...]



VIENNA If you wonder what’s it like to walk onto a “costume drama movie set”, this is it! Vienna is a combination of sophistication, avant-garde and tradition. The Viennese live and breathe their city with such dedication, that you should not wonder that [...]



BRATISLAVA The capital of Slovakia is the perfect day trip experience. The city is just an hour away from Vienna with either bus or speed boat on the beautiful river Donau. Stroll through the cosy medieval old town, visit the impressive castle overlooking [...]