BANGKOK PROGRAM FEEL THE HEATH - DAY 1 • Arrival in Bangkok • Check in at 5-star design hotel • Lunch at the hotel • Suit yourself up --- We bring you to a fashion tailor [...]



BERLIN Everybody’s talking about Berlin right now! No wonder! It has everything you would expect from a capital city, only more extreme, crazier and cheaper than any of its rivals. Übervent have some great ways for you to get caught up in [...]



BERCHTESGADEN Did Hitler leave any undiscovered secrets in his bunkers? Did Mozart really like chocolate balls? Want to see if you can cause an avalanche singing "Let it go"? Combining history, luxury and outdoor activities Berchtesgaden makes for a perfect year-round getaway. [...]



FRÜHLINGSFEST Frühlingsfest is just like Oktoberfest, but for locals! Match your thirst for beer with real Germans Frühlingsfest combines everything you know and love about Oktoberfest, for 1\2 the price and without all the tourists! The celebrations take place at Theresienwiese, the [...]



HAMBURG "Gateway to the World" This historical waterside Metropolis is famous for more than its name. Going back centuries Hamburg has been a cultural hub of business and travel, earning its nick-name "The Gateway to the World". Today the city marries it [...]



MOSEL Welcome to Wine Country Imagine sitting in a traditional German countryside kitchen. Checkered cloth on the table. Wine and cheeses laid out. Your host? One of the world's most renowned winemakers, a Mosel local, is pouring you a glass of his [...]



OKTOBERFEST Have a real Oktoberfest experience! Over 6.5 million people visit Oktoberfest every year and there's a reason why! Having celebrated Oktoberfest annually since 1810 the people of München have perfected the art of drinking beer, enjoying food and having fun - [...]